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The results are in! We raised $25,471!!! Over $5,000 beyond our original goal. Thank you so much to all of our incredible supporters who helped us accomplish this!

Back in June 2017, the Choice in Aging Board of Directors voted to take on a Montessori Preschool on our property that announced it was abruptly closing.

Not only did we save the jobs of the teachers and the childcare that the parents so depended on, but we were also able to incorporate the school with our existing programs in a special way. Thus, the Young at Heart Intergenerational Program was born.

Each week, the students from Choice in Learning Montessori come to visit with the participants in each program at Choice in Aging’s Mt. Diablo Center. Whether it’s crafts, balloon volleyball, or just regular Montessori activities, everyone is always smiling and having fun. The children have created bonds with the participants and even refer to them as their “friends”.

Our biggest goal involving this program right now is the creation of our “Ageless Playground”. Our vision is to have exercise equipment throughout the children’s outdoor playground, so that our aging participants can exercise alongside their younger counterparts while they play. Increasing their time together reduces the stigma around aging and creates a generation that views their elders in a positive light.

We have already received $30,000 to partially fund our “Ageless Playground”, but are not quite yet at our goal. Your donation would help make this groundbreaking vision a reality as well as help to fund new activities and entertainment for Young at Heart sessions.

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