We Can Create A World Free of Ageism

Choice in Aging CEO Debbie Toth Fired Up at Senior Rally Day at the State Capitol.

We have to be honest. We hate ageism.

The World Health Organization calls it stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination against people based on their age, a common problem with profoundly negative consequences on health and wellbeing.

We couldn’t agree more.

We’ve seen it time and again. Devaluing older people results in public policy choices that shortchange essential services, making safety net programs like health and social support for frail older adults far too scarce for all who need them. Even programs for the most vulnerable and at-risk, such as people with dementia or disabilities, are regularly slated for the budget chopping block.

Budgets are statements of values, and services for older adults are often seen as “extras.” But we know from experience that community services are an indispensable lifeline for the many seniors who are isolated, impoverished or ill.

At Choice in Aging, we fight for those programs, because we believe aging should be a positive and dignified experience for everyone. Through advocacy at the state capitol, organizing in the local community, and fierce policy leadership, we are creating a world where older adults can live and thrive, spending their senior years in health, vitality and with a good quality of life, whatever their level of function, ability or resources.

You can help. Please join us in the fight.
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