Our COVID-19 Response is Saving Lives

You Are Not Alone

In March 2020, Choice in Aging sprang into action to make our programs fully responsive to the COVID-19 crisis, creating a lifeline for isolated seniors in our community.

We’ve delivered personal protective equipment, distributed groceries and nutritious lunches and provided nursing and physical therapy to frail seniors at home.

We’ve provided curbside therapy to stressed-out caregivers of people living with Alzheimer’s disease. We raised funds to buy life-saving pulse oximeters for board and care homes, and we helped seniors in high-risk nursing homes to transition out to live safely with relatives or in their own apartments.

And So Much More

In January of 2021, in partnership with other local providers, we launched a mobile clinic in Contra Costa County to vaccinate the most vulnerable populations against COVID-19.  Our mobile clinic was the first of its kind in California and was made possible through the generosity of donors like you.

“These are people who would die if they got COVID. We have an opportunity to make sure they don’t. That’s our North Star.”

– Debbie Toth, CEO Choice in Aging

Everything We’ve Done to Support Seniors, Caregivers and Children Through the COVID-19 Crisis:

  • We launched a mobile vaccination clinic to swiftly reach vulnerable residents of 6-bed board and care homes in Contra Costa County.
  • After a tragic death in a board and care home, we realized that a pulse oximeter could be a life-saving intervention. We raised funds for 360 pulse oximeters and distributed them to every 6-bed and under board and care home in Contra Costa County.
  • We transitioned 12 seniors out of nursing homes to live safely with relatives or in their own apartment.
  • We re-assessed all clients when the lockdown began and adjusted their care plans to respond to special or individual needs arising from the crisis.
  • We participated in two drives to distribute personal protective equipment to assisted living facilities.
  • We distributed groceries and nutritious lunches to isolated seniors.
  • We assessed seniors with mental health needs in Solano County and provided computers and tablets to allow them to stay connected during the crisis.
  • We provided in-home nursing and physical therapy to frail seniors in their homes.
  • We designed and delivered home exercise classes for seniors.
  • We facilitated participation in online caregiver support groups and provided distanced, outdoor one-on-one therapy with caregivers.
  • Since March 2020 we’ve organized over 1200 “Roadshow” events, visiting seniors at their homes to provide festive, distanced birthday and holiday celebrations to reduce isolation and loneliness. We’ve provided special versions of these events tailored to participants with Alzheimer’s and for those whose primary language is Russian or Farsi.
  • We organized volunteers to distribute personal protective equipment and support voting for those in congregate living sites, known as board and care homes.
  • We continue to support residents of congregate living sites thru our Adopt a Board and Care Home Project, which pairs volunteers to create holiday celebrations and other activities that make life brighter for some of the most vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities in our community.
  • We have provided leadership for emergency COVID taskforces and coalitions at the state and local levels to advocate for life-saving policy and services for seniors, including participating in the Ethical and Equitable Vaccine Allocations Committee.
  • We provided education and support about the ongoing crisis to all of our program participants and their caregivers.
  • We converted our Montessori Preschool classes and activities to be held online, holding 7 classes per school day.
  • We also organized holiday celebrations, children’s yoga and book readings and a Nutcracker celebration with the Diablo ballet for our preschoolers.
  • We launched the Dishing with Debbie Facebook Live series to provide community education, outreach and strategies to respond to the urgent needs of seniors and people with disabilities during the pandemic.
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