Support Us

As a nonprofit organization, we depend on support and donations to keep our programs going.

We are committed to keeping up with the rapidly growing needs of the expanding population. Your donations and support help sustain our services now and into the future.


One of the best ways to give back to our organization is by providing your time. We are always looking for volunteers to help out in our day programs, provide their skills to help us as an organization, and to help us staff special events. If interested, please fill out the volunteer form here.


For our adult day centers, it costs $109 to provide care for each person per day but we are only reimbursed $90. This leaves us with a $400,000 comfort care gap each year just by opening our doors everyday. Donations from our incredible supporters are what allows us to continue serving our community’s frailest populations.

Give one time, or arrange a recurring monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual gift.

You may also give in-honor-of or in-memory-of an individual and we will notify the appropriate designate of your donation. You can make a donation here. If you want to pledge money over time, you can also do so here. 


A legacy gift can be as simple as a bequest in your will or trust, or a prearranged gift in your retirement plan, insurance policy, bank or investment accounts, or other assets. Read more about legacy giving options here.


Information coming soon about stock donations.


Choice in Aging is proud to be partnering with Car Donation Services, Inc. to turn your donated vehicles into direct benefits for our beloved clients. Read more about how to donate your vehicle here.


Amazon Smile:

Select Choice in Aging as your designated charity and we will receive 0.5% of all of your purchases made through Amazon. Just make sure you are visiting when making your purchases! Bookmark it to help you remember! You can select Choice in Aging as your designated Amazon Smile charity by clicking this link.


Join our FlipGive team and help give back a percentage of your online purchases to us! Click here to join our team and use their links to shop on your favorite online sites, then a portion of your purchase will go back to us. Want to make it easier? Add the Flipgive Max browser button and it will automatically notify you when you’re shopping on a site that will give cash back to us!


We are proud to be a Poptivism partner with Popsockets! Popasockets are a great tool for setting your phone on a surface or for holding your phone with ease. If you buy one of our branded popsockets in the link above, we will receive 50% of the proceeds.


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