Our Programs & Services

Home Based Services

Our home care programs include the Multipurpose Senior Services Program, providing intensive care management to prevent placement in a skilled nursing facility; and the California Community Transitions Program, helping those who are already in nursing homes move back to the community.

Senior woman looking outside.

Alzheimer’s and Mental Health

Our Alzheimer’s Day Health Care and Resource Center and our mental health Prevention and Early Access Program for Seniors both provide specially-tailored services to older adults with dementia, cognitive or mental health difficulties.

Two guys smiling and hugging.

Day Programs

Our signature Adult Day Health Programs include an array of health, socialization and other essential services, provided by a team of nurses, social workers, dieticians and therapists. These day programs help frail seniors and adults with disabilities stay healthy, prevent falls and be able to continue living safely at home rather than being placed in a skilled nursing facility.

Two ladies smiling and sitting together.

Caregiver Support

Support and education for family caregivers is fundamental to all our programs. We provide respite, therapy, support groups resources and events to enable caregivers to maintain their own health and continue to provide the best possible care for their loved ones.

Senior woman enjoying the company of a young child.

Preschool and Intergenerational Programs

In 2017, we expanded our mission to rescue a local preschool that was in danger of closing. Choice in Learning is a Montessori preschool, and co-locating it with our senior services allowed us to launch the Young at Heart Intergenerational Program, which engages children and older adults in joint activities like singalongs, story time, art projects and other joyful time spent together.

Did You Know?

If older adults don’t receive regular supportive care they lose function, becoming vulnerable to falls, rapid cognitive decline and other poor outcomes. Health care, socialization and therapy such as that provided in adult day health care can help frail seniors maintain their health, thinking and quality of life over their whole lifetime.

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